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Trust, breathe, love

Aktualisiert: 9. Apr. 2022

Sit and trust your path. If you hear talks from their ego survival mind, they have fear. They may say they have nothing to loose and no fear- but only a concern about you. Do not believe that.

Just hear if it sounds like love!

Their fear can be projected on you and what they fear is your freedom and their fear of being free.

Was it first your growing trust in your body while the pandemie? Is it now the trust in the unfolding of your life and being in touch with not knowing from the mind what happens next. And being you as you are and you, knowing it is the only rootstrength you own - even if this is your freakyness.

And that you are since a long time committed in the search and knowledge of being you.

And that this commitment is the foundation that makes you able to meet others by the depth and love that you meet yourself.

Do not forget: The system IS changing. The earth is in a shift too. The spirits of liberation and prisoning are heavily fighting. Love and fear are in their strength measurement.

This is affecting most of us on some level. Who knows what is really coming next!

Haven’t things happened lately we all never expected to be able to happen? Trump, Brexit, pandemy, vaccination with unknown to risky sideeffects, war at the borders of Europe.

Sit and trust your path. If you hear talks from their ego survival mind, they have fear. They may say they have nothing to lose and no fear - but only a concern about you because the know reality. Do not believe that. Reality is not the material dimension and we are in a huge shift about that.

You can heal yourself to fearlessness.

Detach from all that is not beneficial for your soul! Make the soul happy in your body.

Look for nutrition for your soul!

A Soulution healing comes from the cosmos. It is prana, it is love. You will feel and recognize it, when it is given to you. It can come in an insight or color or memory.

In between practice patience and trust. That is the richness and currency of the spiritual world that is coming back. Look around and see how the western world changed.

So many products take space in this world and many for a rising the spirituality. He he, another illusion! Spirituality can creates products, but products cannot create spirituality.

They are vehicles and supporters to feel well and keep your frequency high. But every flower, a beautiful tree or looking at the ocean does the same.

Fundamental to a clarity of mind is chanting, pranayama and asanapractice.

Sing, breathe, high coordinated movement.

Namasté and with gratitude,

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