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African Spirituality

African Spirituality was hidden from the table of spiritual cultures. It was masked with "being animistic", "having a plurality of gods". But this is not true.

African Spirituality is a dynamic expression of god.

Let me pull the fundamentals together for you, so you know what African Spirituality is:

- African spirituality connects to nature

- Mother nature: carries, births and nature a child

- We come as lineage, we come as ancestors.

- We do not come alone, we come with our ancestors.

- We come as spirit beings in human forms.

- In the mid of a storm say Thank you. your cleaning me from what not longer serves me!

- God is the provider, mother is the nurturer.

- Male principle means logic and structure, female principle is as said above.

- To honor the "mother" means to honor the "father" equally automatically and vice versa. You can not do one without the other.

- Honor your mother or father so your days will be long, and not just our days but the days of our lineage!

- Our purpose is to heal and you are also a healer.

- But you "just" have to find out what your method, tool, what is my gift.

We need this knowledge back, because we forgot to honor nature. To bless nature. To establish a communication. Get in to a dialogue with nature. With your body:)

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