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The SOULUTIONS family is free tribe of spiritual intuitive people that connect for sharing knowledge, talents and spirit. We encourage each other to present what we are standing for. We respect each others viewpoints and wish each other the best possible unfolding of our lives.



TALK WITH Jahson the Scientist and Bilonda on Instagram. If a spirit unites it becomes stronger. Jahson and I share the same vision in many aspects. We are serious in where we are heading to and we want to electrify as many people as possible with the beautiful deep field of trust. A field is knowledge, feeling, playing, building, understanding, harvesting. But it also needs cultivation. This is why we meditate on trust again. Listen to more tonight....

TODAY 5.2. 2021 / 21:00 CET (Berlin)

Jahson and Bilonda speak on Instagram live - tonight at 21:00 CET what we have experienced when we decided to live

...ON trust


Is a relationship only the relation between two humans! - NO, says Pastor Kate. She says everything is relationship. So she lets us know, what the bible says about relationship. The more knowledge we have the better, may we be inspired by her words and use that inspiration for all relations that we live: people, animals plants, planet, cosmos, spiritual entities..... ! * Knowledge transfer is creativity*

TOMORROW 6.2. 2021 / 15:00 CET (Berlin) /INSTAGRAM live

Sister Rev. Kate Imasuen shares the biblical standpoint on

"How to prepare to enter into a relationship." Instagram live - tomorrow at 15:00 CET (Berlin) .


Our face has so many muscles and most of them are not neutrally trained but an effect of the life that we live. So FACE YOGA is a SOULUTION to train your face into your better shape. Apart from this it is liberating to have access to as many parts in your body as possible. We recommend to combine it with some nice essential oils that please " your visage" and soul. We propose all oils from BIOMER - Lift and Refill*.

Laura, Model and photographer and member of the SOULUTIONS family is taking care of this. She does a FACE YOGA class with us very soon



with beloved

goblin elf, Laura*

(photographer, model)

** deal offer in negotiation

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