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Major shift

I love Astrology because it talks about energy. It's a great tool for meditation, reflection that helps me feel and focus on the changes to come. - Carole Nawo

We are about to close one door and open another.

We are leaving the space we have worked in on our own boundaries and responsibilities as a person or a group, which are two important Capricorn qualities. We are now about to enter another energetic space. Pluto is entering at the end of march into Aquarius. We will feel the desire to become more authentic by gaining true autonomy, true independence and questioning the fake believes about freedom. This will happen on all levels. Individually and on a society level. We will experience this powerful energy of Pluto, which is helping us access our deepest truth and our uniqueness. Each of us has a unique way and responsibility to contribute to the collective.

Aquarius is about solidarity at a family, friend and collective level.

Aquarius Pluto (front) and Planet Earth in the background

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