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The "enemy" of love is often carelessness. The unconscious does not sufficiently filter out the moments in which we are inattentive to our relationship environment. Sooner or later, this inevitably leads to quarrels, imbalances because you demand too much from your partner, energy deprivation, hardening and other forms of negativity.

However, those who only balance things out and do not lead constructive, clarifying conflicts, give themselves and the relationship the chance of liveliness and spontaneity, which makes them interesting and resilient. It also experiences profiling and growth. Most of all, you get to know each other and really talk to each other. In cultural circles in which more emotions are (may) be shown, ritual-like processes take place as conflict management that regulate clarification conflicts.


By working with the body and voice as a teacher, trainer, performer and long-time student, I have experienced non-verbal and para-verbal (vocal) communication as an energetic perspective that fundamentally determines relationships. In coaching I consciously try to understand what the bodies of couples say regardless of their words. If responsibility is taken there, then a person gets back a power over himself by means of which he can shape in his possibilities.


Your own story in the historical context can be used very well for coaching in which self-love is strengthened. Because it is not far from understanding to compassion for yourself or others. It is so healing to see one's story through a loving eye and to give the narrative a twist of acceptance.

What that means? It becomes more harmonious without you having to hide or suppress your needs. Suffering is a spiritual task so that a person can decide against suffering. Against being in love with the wrong person, against the job that demands your health, against arguments that only lead to a loss of energy, against sport, which always brings the same pain, or the status of suffering accept and much more ...


What I have observed again and again: healing has its way to become necessary for humans. To become and remain a value. But people have to decide for that. The new consciousness leads to the heart and lives from the purified heart. This is what all the ways of healing say and say. Methods that people use are ways and strategies to achieve their goals, desires and needs. We are free to choose the method and it is often difficult to find the right way straight away. But you can also ask for accompaniment when looking for and walking your way. You have to walk the path with your own legs anyway.

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