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Relationship Clarifying

Personal Tarot for Personal Development

  • 1 Std 30 Min.
  • 62 Euro
  • Live or Online OHNE COACHING


Relationship Clarifying with Tarot. This highly clarity bringing method helps you to see your Relationship Patterns and dynamics and make better choices. If you have a relationship or not does not matter for the clarification. It works with associative tools and somatic tools. After the Relationship Clarifying with Tarot you ... ... will feel and know what energy you and your opposite embody ... will feel released by the clarity the Relationship Clarifying with Tarot gives ... will know which energy to look for ... fell more happy and confident on the lovepath While doing it... ... you will reflect your energy patterns and attraction choices ... you become your master fo your lovepath ... make other choices that deeply resonate with you better


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