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Feeling into masculinity. The Lizard. Animal wisdom.

Aktualisiert: 24. Jan. 2022

(This is the corrected article. I have tried to create it in the App, but this is not my thing for long articles.)

Soulpath meditation with Bilonda.

Monday, 20.00 (Wien/Berlin/Paris)

I am not dreaming this life alone.

Last year I channeled the animals for animal wisdom meditations. We started with the owl and arrived at the snake. The snake is as high powerful animal is the symbol for death.

Death is a term for transformation. Transformation is linked to be reborn.

What has happened in 2021 is been energized by the snake energy:

- I could leave my karmic body. My body feels and looks different. My spine is extremely aligned with the earth. I had help for the last hard part from a chiropractioner that goes into the bone memory.

- I am realizing a shortfilm called ”I am re-born” with Eva Wieprecht, Somatic coaching therapist and family therapist and the musician Matias Ortola. But it is not ready yet.

But in general there are many helpers that the cosmic love sends, and I am grateful for every single of them.

So I have shared some private development to show you how rising in own power represents itself in the outside world.

More and more I link nature and symbols and tools. My perception forms a view on the world that is coming to live. I am dreaming life. This is not my unique language nor invention, but the link to the feminine wisdom that I carry in me. Let me share that with you and allow me to become part of your wisdom.

When we are together sharing views, insights, feelings in a generative way we create a powerful field and reality.

TODAY, we get in touch with THE LIZARD.

Visionmama for the Lizard is friend and sister: Nicole Sabella, Feminist artist, sound-body, channel, artmedium. She saw THE LIZARD in the spirit meditation of the Wachuma plant that we did last week

This meditation will be different than others: Performative, creative, imaginative, sensual.

What can you feel into

  • How it feels to have a tail

  • Why the sun and masculine energy are connected

  • How to regenerate and survive. (Lizard is the oldest animal in the world. It is in one lineage with the dinosaurio)

  • Eventually, at least if you are ready, you activate the energy of that seed in you that wants to be awaked by you. That seed that carries the wound and van yet not be part of your fullness in Qi/ Prana/ Full vitality. That which is part of your fullness and full potential.

Also another great sister is joining our circle: Abiona Esther Ojo, Artist, Vienna

She holds a powerful, loving vision for this world. A change from exploitation in its one hundreds version into a genuine restored human living with earth.

We also have Johanna Beemelmann joining: She is the young woman holding the space of Soulutions Frauen*Kreis

I, Bilonda, will be the guidance. Please prepare your space with a Yogamat, a candle and energetically clean the room before we start.

  • Yogaasanas

  • Breath

  • Sound

  • Fantasy

  • Spiritual medicine

  • Creative Mind Coaching by Stephen Gilligan Training

  • Meditationtechniques

  • Feelfulness

~The meditation will be in German language~

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