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Dear eARThling, the heART is the key to peace

Aktualisiert: 30. Okt. 2022

Feeling gratitude to be a human and I see, that we are the only species that needs to TAKE care about the earth. Actively. We are called, demanded and have raised to a position of caring. That is the true meaning of dominance. Care about what is "under" you. Would you have an horse working for you, but give it no food and water and a place to live? We forgot that the elements are given to all living beings for life. When did we pray for water? Does VW pray for water or Nestlé when the bottle it? I doubt that. It is the indigenous tribes that show by praying that they have respect and feel gratitude to the element water and they can feel the spirit. Now, we use so much water that we bring an established balanced out of balance. Basically for money and profit and lifestyle level. Water is pure lifebringer. Without water, no life. NO vegetables and fibers will grow without water. Fire is light. Fire is pure magic. Fire is energy. Fire is power. By finding the fire we changed the development of the human. We found a tool of dominance. We found a spirit of protection. We found a spirit of power. Fire is light. If we do not have enough water, we will have too much fire, too much wind. Fire is so precious. I have never seen something with a greater dignity and courage in tenderness than a tiny tealight candle burning in a dark room. "Here I am", it shines. So small and such a gift. The wind, the lifebringer and mover and dancer of god. Without the power of the wind, the clouds would not move and bring the rain and the seeds would not spread and the birds had no roads to travel. The eagle waits for the wind to take him higher and higher. We, the humans, why can't we wait for the right moment, when the spiritual powers have prepared everything for us and just want to take us. No need to be exhausted and fight for the ride, but having spend the time before only with being prepared and IN TRUST that one day the right condition comes and carries me bit higher. The gracetrain will also stop in front of me. And you. And them. And us. Dear eARThling, in the heART is the key to become free.

Freedom is peace in the soul and body and mind, even if there is war outside.

May the shalom - the holistic peace - of god be with us,


The heART is the key to become peace.

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