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Lokah samastah sukhino bavantu

We offer a course of three sessions: InuSou about BONES.
Online via Zoom

Nariokotome is the place in norther Kenya where a 1,6 mio old human erectos sceleton was found. This found gave science many information about the human development and function .


We will dance, explore and release sounds, be creative with fairytales and poems and connect with bodywork techniques from Yoga, Contemporary dance, Franklin method, meditation, muscular relaxation from Jacobson... and we will share our experiences, connect and will allow others to see and embrace us from that inner spaces when we bring them outside to connect. 

Movement, sounds and rhythms will offer the possibility to explore, feel and embrace the polarity and resonances of spirits that live in our bones.We slip into archetypes and animal body images to explore inner spaces and own sounds.

We will experiment with our bones as...     

  • ... structure that related to space and expression   

  • .... ancestor connection, wisdom keeper, memory path     

  • .... creative tools and resources

«We are energetic organisms, we have to balance energies at one point.» ( Spiritual Healing Law)

Costs  Eur 199,00

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Bilonda Bukasa

Congolese-German. is a Somatic Coach, dance performer, Yoga teacher, certif. Meditation teacher, Pilates trainer, who studied Psychology and Cultural studies scientist. From a very young age, she had an intuitive understanding of the body that she became conscious through long and intense healing processes. Since 2019 she is certified in Somatic Coachings, offering the same tools and sensitivity that have worked for her individual Coaching. 













Matías Ortolá

Argentinian, is a professional musician and improviser, teacher, producer,
Creative Mind Coach and NLP trainer..  
His work and research in music, based on a solid academic background, are closely linked to his spiritual search, to the appreciation of body language and the healing power of music, to his inquiry into bonding communication, as well as to the study and shared experiences with renowned teachers and artists.

Improvisation builds a bridge between us, as artists, and the unconscious world of endless possibilities. It allows us to free ourselves from the narrowness of our ideas and beliefs as well as from the habit of defining and qualifying what we perceive, allowing us to integrate into this experience the vast range of information that the field brings us.




InuSou about bones will be held in three sessions and an integration week.

During the integration week we offer the possibility for Individual coaching sessions with Bilonda or Matías.

Issues and feelings that need more attention are welcome here to heal.

For InuSou participants we offer coaching at 20% less than our standard price.



Costs  Eur 199,00

Pay with Credit Card 


PayPal (@matiasortola)

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