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What makes healing so intensive?

It is the deepest inner fire that one can experience. One cannot choose but will be chosen. The healing comes in form of demons in dreams and in healing dreams. Dreams were one experiences that what is buried so far under the stone of fear. Now I can see. The emotions that one feels are the builders of the experienced reality. The healing comes in form of persons. Persons that challenge the rootchakra deeply, persons that give blessings to the heartchakra. The healing comes in form of educations & community. A place were you meet friendly ones and healing gifted ones. They build orientation and remind you why you are here in asking for your healing love support. Love can stop your fear. Healers that are the trees that started to speak to me when I could not verbalize my sadness anymore but was empty enough to listen. I knocked with feasts the on naked earth and I have raised helplessly my arms to the sky. Then the door opened. The solution knocked on my door. It was sunday. My weapons lost their power and I collapsed to my destiny. Hurray. Healing is a choreography of life in the fierce longing to rebirth in love. "Do what you came here to do" was the message that I received in a dream after I confessed to my fathers that I need his love. That was the healing of the elephant. I am the dance, the dancer and the audience.

- I AM - LOVE,


P.S.: The wisdom traditions are right!

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