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Bilonda Bukasa

Hello, I'm Bilonda!

My purpose is to support you in 
your Selflove



Esther A. 

Seit dem Coaching fühle ich mich wieder tiefer mit mir und meinen Bedürfnissen verbunden.

Ich bin ehrlicher zu mir und zu anderen und es fällt mir leichter meine Energien fließen zu lassen.

Ich hab viele Tools mit auf meinen Weg bekommen, die mir dabei helfen mich zu sammeln und zu erden.

Und mich vorallem immer wieder daran erinnern, dass alles was ich brauche, bereits in mir ist.

Vienna, Okt 2023

Laura N.  

Dear Bilonda!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the phone calls, your wisdom that you have shared with me, which has broadened my horizons. 
I continue on this path of healing... And carry our conversations, our time in my heart and your voice in my ear.


Laura N., Online Coaching Guidance

2021 - July 2023

Daniela N.

Bilonda Bukasa, who has been my Yoga Teacher for the past 6 years is by far "the most in tune with her physical body" - person I know and has the wonderful ability to also help others greatly in that perspective. Through my weekly Yoga Practice with Bilonda, I finally found my way and motivation into regular almost daily Yoga exercises at home in the mornings, which definitely play an essential part in my mental and physical wellbeing. Thanks Bilonda ❤

Mai 2023

Steve Mc Kenzie, 56 y.

"whilst trying to recover from a serious illness Bilonda gave me huge help to deal with my panic and stress by way of controlled breathing techniques. Her gentle bodyworks excercises were key to my gaining body strength and mobility. She was superbly caring and understanding of my needs.

Benafim, 2022/23

Founder of 
Detox & Healing Retreat

Bilonda is great in listening to the body and its responses. It brings the consciousness to presence.

Wahari, Freixo Verde, December 2023

Sebastian Steinack, M.A.

Bilonda is a wonderful and inspiring coach to whom I gladly give full five stars. She is exceptionally personable and has an excellent feeling for her fellow beings. Her advice is authentic, genuine and lasting. You can tell right away that she is called to be a coach and healing person and that she really lives her calling. I would repeat the coaching with her at any time."

Sebastian Steinack, FfM, November 2022

Consuelo K.

Bilonda's multifaceted work is very valuable to me and her treatment has been particularly beneficial. By incorporating different perspectives and her wealth of experience, she has reached several levels in me, which has led me to holistic health. I have learned a lot from this that I can still apply and practice myself afterwards and I am already looking forward to having another session with her.

Bilonda Bukasa is an incredibly fascinating and versatile woman. She works with the expression of body, voice (language) and touch.

She radiates power, beauty and something mysterious and gives the impression that her being is deeply connected to the primal source of wisdom. She is bubbling over with ideas on the life themes of femininity, health, art and spirituality.

With her aesthetic videos on the internet, she brings people back into her power and ultimately

deep into her heart.


Consuelo K., Oktober 2023

All ways LOVE


Anja König, Mag.

"Die Gespräche mit Bilonda sind öffnend und heilsam."

                                      Mag. A. König, October 2022


Nicole Sabella, Artist

InuSou is nothing less than redemption work. Bilonda’s figurative language, her deeply comforting, suggestive voice, and shining presence in combination with Matias’ highly stimulating, hypnotic soundmaking helped me release pain stored deep inside my bones. My body found its way back into rhythms and sounds that set my voice free and let my soul fly. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Nicole Sabella, Sound Artista, Vienna, November 2022


I am very enthusiastic about Bilonda's massage. As I am blind, she perhaps had to explain more to me from time to time than to sighted customers, but this was not a problem for either of us. I had a tight cough before the massage, which was looser afterwards. I was also physically much more relaxed afterwards than before. I can only recommend her.

Andrea, January 2024

The universe loves chaos, feel your center and dance!

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